Mountain Biking

The summer months in Bansko are becoming just as exciting as the winter, with many activities to do and places to visit.

Every year at the end of July Bansko has its very own mountain bike rally, the Road to Nowhere. It is open to anyone, from absolute beginner to professional athlete and each year has seen a large range of abilities taking part. There are two races, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday. Both take different routes, exploring the miles of trails around Bansko's outskirts and the Pirin National Park.

If racing isn't for you, there is still plenty of opportunity to explore the area by bike. The route maps for the Road to Nowhere are readily available if you wish to try out the course.


The Pirin Mountains are range of mountains surrounding Bansko and is the second highest range in Bulgaria. The scenery is unique and breathtaking, with glacial lakes and long valleys, the views are certainly worth the walk.

If you're looking to explore the region further over several days, there are many huts and chalets to accommodate you between hikes.

Places to Visit

Bulgaria's Rila Monastary is famous for its colourful architecture and rich history. It's believed to have been founded over a thousand years ago and the current buildings dating back nearly two hundred years. The monastery is just over 2 hours drive from Bansko.

The Dancing Bear Park in Belitsa, just twenty minutes from Bansko by car, is a safe haven for mistreated brown bears. The bears were once trained to dance by making them step on hot coals. This mistreatment of bears is no longer allowed in Bulgaria and the park is the perfect place to rehabilitate the bears. The Dancing Bear Park is run by non-profit organisation, The Four Paws Foundation and is well worth a visit.